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“Irreverent!” “Sacrilegious!” “Hysterical!”  Jesus of Nazareth returns after 2000 years but this time he's no carpenter - he’s a stand-up comedian!  Join him as he channels what God created on the eighth day.  Comedy. Shining the light of truth on false prophets, duplicitous politicians and immoral sheeple,  J.C.’s razor sharp satire has been intelligently designed to redeem sinners of all faiths. His ecclesiastical reviews are stellar. 


Christ, he’s funny! Comedy has risen to a new level!” -Moses 

“Now we know what the “H” stands for... HILARIOUS!” -Mohammed  

“He is more famous than the Beatles!” -Matthew, Mark, Luke and John 

“I know for a fact he can’t take a joke.” -Judas


Come bear witness to a truth that hurts and a truth that’s funny with STAND-UP JESUS!  Thy kingdom come, thy will be done; and it will be done without f-bombs.*  That alone is a miracle! Who better to battle the hypocrisy of modern day evangelism than STAND-UP JESUS?  It’s a Second Coming blessed with punchlines. Heaven help us? Hell, yeah! 

*DISCLAIMER: Okay, there are a couple of f-bombs but Jesus only swears when absolutely necessary. Just like you.  (Don’t worry, you’ve been forgiven.)


Robert Dubac (author, actor) belongs to a rare breed of humorists who make comedy smart and tragedy funny. His deft combination of stand-up and live theater is unparalleled in the solo genre. He dissects culture with an eye that is both jaundiced and probing. Eschewing drama in the pursuit of humor he pulls our emotional strings with intelligence and biting wit.  In other words, you get more truth and less dick jokes.