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"THE MALE INTELLECT is a crafty and thought-provoking concoction, a show of emotional depth and understanding. Dubac has a winning charm and the play has a doozy of an ending. Humor rules THE MALE INTELLECT!"    

"Four stars ★ ★ ★ ★!  Robert Dubac is a magician. Last night he took an audience of disparate men and women, began by celebrating their differences and ended by uniting them all in laughter. He gets into jokes that score with both sides and the laughter starts rolling. The Male Intellect accomplishes it’s twin goals, which are to entertain you a lot, and make you think a little."


"THE MALE INTELLECT: an oxymoron?" is that rare thing, a one-man show that is quirky, laughing-out-loud funny, provocative and thoughtful, all at once. There are two kinds of people who should rush and see it: men and women."

"Hilarious! Dubac's assured theatrical chops and air of genuine anguish elicit big laughs from both sexes together in waves of treble and bass."  


"THE MALE INTELLECT: an oxymoron?" is a fresh and hilarious 90-minute frolic, a clever combination of theater and standup comedy. Robert Dubac’s razor-sharp wit, writing and acting make this show a don’t miss night at the theater! ★ ★ ★ ★!"

Plain Dealer  "THE MALE INTELLECT is fold-up and fall-down funny. Dubac’s writing and delivery are hilarious... aimed to make both men and women cringe in recognition once they’ve stopped laughing. Hysterical and convulsively funny… a master!"


 "Dubac isn't one to bash men or women. He zings both equally and without hostility. He makes the process funny and entertaining, and his sharply written, nicely put together, skillfully presented show certainly is that. It is adeptly conceived, refreshingly and comically stated, and he has no trouble keeping it up for a quite diverting 90 minutes."  

"The bits sparkle and his use of narrative and characters bring vitality to the one-man genre. Slick, smooth, glib and assured Dubac skillfully portrays five other characters and also manages to seem both politically correct and incorrect at the same time. While trading on well-worn gender stereotypes and giving them some fresh twists Dubac retains his handsome savoir-faire, skirts offensiveness and charms his audience." "THE MALE INTELLECT provides hilarious insights into the coming-of-age struggles of an average guy."


Hollywood report "The charming, affable Dubac has fashioned an evening that is clever, witty and wise as he attempts to answer the age-old question, 'What do women really want?'"

" ...full of wickedly funny observations... "THE MALE INTELLECT is the kind of indisputably riotous show that sets off regular explosions of laughter."


"Smart and fun. Dubac has a spry wit and is a swift avenger. "THE MALE INTELLECT: an oxymoron?" is a punch line presented in the form of a question, which Dubac spends 90 anxiously crowd pleasing minutes answering. THE MALE INTELLECT, wrapped with sufficient wit, common-touch charm and fill-in-the-blank one liners, is a stand-up routine with a heart. Quite funny, almost anarchically inspired and full of paradoxical smarts, THE MALE INTELLECT puts an orderly face on the bewildering battle of the sexes."

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