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About The Play​

When we last left Bobby he had found Balance and figured out what women want. That’s the good news. The bad news? He forgot. Somewhere along the line a little chauvinism crept back into his left brain and threw him off Balance. It might have been from THE COLONEL or the new guy PHILLIP POMEROY but he’s not worried.  His metro-sexual side BOBBI will neutralize their testosterone and help him re-Balance his brain.  He’ll remember what women want. He’ll find his Balance. And when he does his VOICE OF REASON will call and help him focus on what’s really important.
Opening the Door of Truth. ​​

Which poses a problem. Some people insist the Door of Truth remain closed. (They are offended easily because they have no Balance.) But not BOBBY. He swings it wide open, crosses the threshold and dives head first into life’s hypocrisies. Once he’s exposed to the truth, BOBBY is now ROBERT and becomes way more serious. He’s still funny but now he’s seriously funny.  And he’s not alone.
His UNCLE BOBBY shows up to expose the media for using Pavlov to breed ignorance. PHILLIP POMEROY returns to solve the problem of partisan politics with an idea so absurd it borders on brilliance. And THE COLONEL levies a Stupid Tax on our common sense while ragging on religion for taking the “fun” out of fundamentalism.  Before it’s over ROBERT wedges the Door of Truth open wide enough so everyone can finally see the Bigger Picture.
Because if you could see the Bigger Picture – well, wouldn’t that make you happy?

The Cast

THE COLONEL is your typical pig-headed-my-way-or-the-highway kind of guy.  A guy who’s got lots of focus but limited vision. Simple minded and - well, we might as well say it - a little stupid. Religious, too. Not that the two go hand in hand mind you but when you shove them both through the door of truth – you end up with a moron who just might be a genius.
BOBBI is Bobby’s feminine side or as he/she prefers to be called - the “metro-sexual” side. Without him/her there is no balance. And without balance there is no truth. Therein lies problem - most men can’t see the truth because they won’t listen to their feminine side. They think it makes them look gay. That’s just an illusion. The truth is it take balls to think feminine. You just don’t get to use them.
PHILLIP POMEROY disguises his chauvinism with academia. And he’s so smart you don’t even know he’s a chauvinist. Yes, he’s that good. He’s sort of the opposite of  the Colonel.  Where the Colonel is dim-witted and devout, Phillip is brilliant and irreverent. But you don’t mind because when he walks through the door of truth he is able to solve our political problems with a compromise that is so absurd it borders on brilliance.  Wait, maybe he’s the genius. 




Drunk IQ

THE VOICE OF REASON can only be heard when someone has found Balance. Without Balance it falls on deaf ears. The first time anyone heard their Voice of Reason was during the Renaissance. It showed up as a walk-on in the Playing Field of Life and was immediately picked to run with the Balls of Consciousness. It got off to a good start but was quickly sacked and buried for three hundred years by Fear of the Unknown masquerading as Religion. It surfaced in the mid-eighteenth century when Humanity drafted Science to block Religion. This enabled the Voice of Reason to run with the Balls of Consciousness again. Thanks to a game plan implemented by Freedom of Speech it damn near scored but it got clipped inside the 50’s by the invention of Television. Sadly, the Altar of Advertising forced TV to pedal Fear of the Unknown again; this time dressed as Propaganda, Censorship and Political Correctness.
ROBERT used to be Bobby in Act I but after he gets exposed to the truth he realizes he has to be more serious. He’s still funny but now he’s seriously funny. 

In Act I he was swimming in the shallow end of the humor pool but in Act II he is treading water in the deep end.

UNCLE BOBBY is everyone’s favorite uncle. He’s the guy who says what he feels, doesn’t swallow the B.S. and isn’t afraid to tell the truth. Yep, he pisses people off all the time.

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