“Mixing the stinging approach of Lenny Bruce and Mort Sahl with the vocabulary of George Orwell and Ivan Pavlov, Dubac deconstructs how our belief systems are programmed for passive consumerism by a daily onslaught of propaganda. Dubac is a gifted writer and comic.”

“Robert Dubac's SEX, POLITICS… AND OTHER HEADACHES is more like two shows in one. The first half of this one-man show is a condensed version of his earlier show THE MALE INTELLECT: AN OXYMORON? Here Dubac is a master of character portrayal and shifts dramatically from one gender to another. The terrain shifts in the radically different, more substantive second half with Dubac's very funny, sometimes outrageous examination of truth and illusion. His insights, sleight-of-hand tricks and loopy logic will likely challenge or infuriate nearly everyone at some point. Even while you're laughing, you may find yourself rethinking long-held points-of-view.”

“More surprising was Saturday's two-hour visit with Robert Dubac in his one-man show SEX, POLITICS… AND OTHER HEADACHES. It was a real treat to find Dubac going beyond gender to delve deeper. While you're laughing your head off, you might just find some unity in yourself. I did. I'm glad I went. You will be, too.”

“Robert Dubac defies description.  Robert Dubac defies explanation. With a bombardment of connected thoughts tied together with silent giggles, profound conclusions, provocative intrusions and hysterical evaluations Dubac boggles the mind with rapid-fire humor. SEX, POLITICS… AND OTHER HEADACHES undoubtedly will want to be experienced more than once. Rich in content, provocative, mind tickling, perceptive, always hysterically honest and funny, some lines are going to be missed no matter how deep the concentration. Definitely, this is a “Don’t miss Show.” I’m already chomping at the bit for his third show.”

“THE MALE INTELLECT was full of boisterous laughs, with emphasis on one actor’s portrayal of multi-roles. SEX, POLITICS… AND OTHER HEADACHES brings out even more laughter with a clever political edge. The play is a wordsmith’s dream come true, a delight for employees at Merriam-Webster, and intellectually crisp.”

“Dubac delivers a scorching hour of wry, pointed social commentary, from political satire to examinations of linguistic vagaries.”

“SEX, POLITICS… AND OTHER HEADACHES is a knock-out! It starts out by contrasting the male and female dating desire barometer and segues into an existential freight train of truths about politics, religion and the media. Dubac is more than a fine playwright and stand-up comedian. He is a master wordsmith who is able to give unpleasant truths punch and foibles a witty rebuttal eliciting raucous laughter and serious consideration.

It is seldom that any solo performance full of rapid-fire delivery contains so much wit that one feels as though the artist has given the audience his entire philosophical world view in one sitting. And although this is the impression, the preview Dubac gave of his next show - FREE RANGE THINKING - proved us wrong once again. It is no exaggeration to say that he wowed one and all with a section of the next monologue, which even topped the current offering.

The stunning nature of the writing and the brilliance of the delivery make those in attendance wish they could instantly memorize the jokes. Since it is best that you experience the quips and jabs in person, I will simply tell you to rush to experience what is behind Dubac’s “Door of Truth.” This current offering is devastating socio-sexual commentary with teeth that will tear up your funny bone.  Not to be missed.”

“Robert Dubac’s SEX, POLITICS… AND OTHER HEADACHES defies definition.  This quirky, no-frills, one-man show is part stand-up comedy, part performance art and all of it is entertaining.  Act I explores the question “What do women want?” by focusing on the fundamental differences between the sexes.  Act II broadens the scope from self to society and raises larger, deeper questions about universal truths.

Dubac himself is also hard to define.  He’s a social satirist the likes of Lenny Bruce, but without the edginess.  He’s a cunning linguist who riffs with words, like George Carlin. Dubac is also a talented actor who intellectualizes the stupid aspects of human behavior through brief character-based monologues that employ a range of interesting alter-egos. Dubac doesn’t tell jokes as much as he weaves his way through a routine that includes set up, punch line and inevitable moral. He is a charming and disarming chameleon comic and the audience is likely to leave the show with a sore jaw from laughing.”

“Robert Dubac just might be the funniest man alive. Mr. Dubac's honest intelligence plays out as a one-man stand-up comedian, but it's much more. His show is a well-rehearsed look into society's incoherent look at life. And it's constantly funny. In machine-gun fashion and using a very interesting blackboard, Mr. Dubac has all of the right-brain, left-brain stuff figured out. He discusses male thinking and female thinking as he figures out what women and men want. He's got one-liners by the bushel. They come at you rapid fire.

His second act gets just as many laughs as he turns the blackboard on its side, creating a swinging door called "the door of truth." In this must-see show, he shifts from self to society to scrutinize religion, politics and the media. SEX, POLITICS… AND OTHER HEADACHES is one continuous laugh. See this and you'll laugh through the entire show.”

“Robert Dubac is a maverick thinker. He’s a skeptic with a keen eye for BS. He’s smarter than me, and probably smarter than you.  SEX, POLITICS… AND OTHER HEADACHES urges us to think outside the box, look at our world with fresh eyes and discern truth from illusion. And last Saturday night’s audience was having a ball.”

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