Robert Dubac’s third solo show SEX, POLITICS… AND OTHER HEADACHES defies definition. In this two act sequel-combo to The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron? and The Book of Moron! Dubac once again straddles the gender gap to solve the babble of the sexes but then dives head first into the bottomless pit of cultural idiocracy. (And “idiocracy” isn’t even a word. How stupid.)

Act I re-visits the question “What do women want?” by focusing on the hysterical differences between men and women. Whereas, Act II is a hysterical freight train of truths about politics, religion and the media. This smart, no-frills, one-man show is part stand-up, part wry social commentary and totally hilarious.

With fertile imagination and rapier wit, Dubac portrays multiple characters hell bent on crystallizing life’s ironies - life’s ironies of SEX, POLITICS… AND OTHER HEADACHES. It’s that rare kind of show that is as smart as it is funny.  It’s comedy on steroids.

Think your funny bone can handle it?

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