The Play/Clips

​“Hilarious,” “Intelligent,” “Provocative,” “Scorching,” all describe Robert Dubac’s new solo show THE BOOK OF MORON.  
As the play opens we find ROBERT is an everyman who has lost sight of the bigger picture. He’s been bombarded by so much propaganda and hype and spin he can’t remember who he is or what he believes in. Does he have a purpose? Can he think for himself? Is the truth in the details or in the pudding?
He hasn’t a clue. He racks his brain searching for answers. Instead he finds voices. Inner voices who pull him into a hysterical alternative universe in search of the bigger picture.
With mesmerizing ease he portrays his VOICE OF REASON, his COMMON SENSE, his INNER IDIOT, his INNER CHILD and his INNER ASSHOLE. They all take turns beating the hornet's nest of hype and spin with the big stick of truth so he can wake up from the coma of modern day life.
It’s a head trip – on a banana peel.

Promo / The Line

Level One - Illusion

Level Two - Truth

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